How Blockchain Could Change Corporate Governance for the Better

In 2017, 437 billion shares were voted across 4000 corporate meetings. Many of the voting results had a victory margin of less than one percent!

Shareholder voting is expensive and error-prone

Voting on blockchain will by design make the environment auditable without requiring 3rd parties.

  • All ecosystem participants can audit the votes by querying the blockchain at their convenience.
  • Shareholders can safely exercise their right to vote without worrying if their vote is counted or not, or if their response was kept confidential or not.
  • Such a voting system has the potential to eliminate the complexity and cost of the legacy proxy voting value chain by eradicating/reducing the role of intermediaries.
  • Companies would be able to propose voting agendas more frequently at a lower cost. The outcome of the agenda would be much faster and more accurate.

These factors could improve overall confidence in the ecosystem, which can fuel more effective and transparent corporate governance.

A blockchain-enabled shareholder voting system might look something like this in your local development environment.

You can create your own dapp using DappStarter in three simple steps:

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So, can you paradigm?

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