Top 3 Enterprise Blockchains That Will Change The World In 2019

Yet here we are talking about the top 3 enterprise blockchains you should definitely know about to keep your business at the top!

Enterprises are always on the lookout for improving their solutions to keep up with the consumer driven economy and, also shooting up their revenue at the same time.

#1. Insolar

Here are some cutting edge technical advantages of the Insolar platform:

  • Near-linear scalability
  • Best-in-class data protection
  • Simplified development
  • Interoperability with other DLTs
  • Seamless connectivity with existing enterprise software systems
  • Supports hybrid networks
  • Manages regulatory compliance (GDPR, HER, HIPAA, EMR, and others)
  • Easily integratable through HTTP and message-based API
  • Continuous evolution of the platform

#2. Hyperledger Fabric

Here are some features of the Hyperledger Fabric:

  • Large and mature community
  • Great performance and scalable
  • Modular architecture supporting plug-in components such as consensus algorithms
  • Smart contracts called ‘chaincodes’ can be hosted using the container technology
  • Supports channel technology for confidential transactions
  • Complete protection of digital keys and sensitive data
  • Allows rich queries over an immutable distributed ledger

#3. Quorum

Here are some highlights of Quorum:

  • Extension of Ethereum
  • 100 % privacy of transaction and contract
  • Multiple voting-based consensus mechanisms
  • Network/Peer permissions management
  • Higher performance than Ethereum


Given the rudimentary state of blockchain technology, we have witnessed a high-velocity evolution taking place at a global scale.

Such powerful implementations of enterprise blockchains will definitely lead to a larger adoption of the blockchain technology.



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